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We Build Custom Adirondack Furniture

There is a little town on the edge of Lake Champlain by the Adirondack Mountains called Westport.  Each summer in Westport New York a man named Thomas Lee enjoyed time with his large family. Stoney Sides the home this family occupied had a shortgage of outdoor furniture and Thomas Less felt he could not find relaxation.

So in 1903 in the lawn in front of the home, Thomas Lee began nailing boards togethether to create different furniture for his 22 member family to sample. History relates that after he created a unique new chair that was at once approved by his family.Thus the Westport Chair, now known as the Adirondack Chair was born now well recognized for its slanted back rest and spacious armrest.

Thomas Less knew a carpenter in town who owned a modest shop named Harry Bunnell and introduced the uniquelly designed chair to his friend. Bunnell predicated that the residents flocking to the area in the summers would really appreciate the chair. In 1904 calling the chair the Westport chair, in summer of 1905 withouth Lees knowledge, Bunnel got the patent and Westports became popular all around the region, over a 20 year period, Bunnel experimented with variations on the original design. Bummels chairs were made from Hemlock and either painted dk brown or green and signed by the carpenter himself.


Today Bummell original chairs come at a hefty price of $1,200.00 and originally sold for $40.00;
Has become known as Adirondack, named for the region instead of at the core of todays favorite
this beautiful Adirondack will easily be a favorite for years to come.
Handmade Adirondack furniture.
Crafted from Western Red Cedar;
Left unfinished so they can be painted/ stained to match your decor.
Western Red Cedar should be primed prior to painting.
-Adult Chair: $150.00,
-Child's Chair, $75.00
-Loveseat, $375.00,
-Otttoman/ Foot Rest, $50.00
-Cocktail Table, $50.00,
-Boat Book Cases, $250.00
Western Red Cedar Adirondack Chair